If you are determined to acquire the right customers for your clients, you need to know precisely how to sell your client’s brand in a very limited space of time or rather, in the sense of social media, a limited character space.

It’s very evident that today, people want things now. Immediately. Yesterday! How does this type of fast-paced world affect your advertising techniques as a digital marketer with regard to your clients’ brands and sales?

These 5 Tips will help you get the pitch right and perfect, the first time:

  • Know the brand

Before you even set out to write, you need to ensure you understand your client’s brand really well. Things like the jargon used in that specific business should be known. Another aspect of understanding the brand is understanding the audience to whom you are writing your sales or elevator pitch. This will help you keep your message within the right borders.

  • Be Friendly

As if in an actual elevator, you would need to come across as friendly, lest you should want to frighten the person! You cannot come across as too pushy or rude. You need to be friendly in your tone. Being too formal, even, may not catch the fish you need to help your client make the sale. Understand the register well enough before putting pen to paper, as explained similarly above.

  • Quick & Easy does it

Nowadays, everything must be quick and easy or nobody will be interested. In the elevator pitch, consider the time you have – top, two minutes. Use your time wisely. Readers are quick to click away. So, think… what will make your reader stay on the page of your content? Is the headline going to matter? Of course, it is. It is the key to keeping your client’s prospects on the page.

  • Core Elements only

Since time is of the essence, you cannot beat around the bush. Get rid of all the fancy writing, all the fluff. Get rid of it and get to the point. Ask yourself: What do I want my client’s prospect to get out of this? What do I want them to know? What’s vital? By getting to the point, you won’t bore your reader. Getting to the point by mentioning the core elements only, will help you explain your client’s business quickly and succinctly.

  • Have a Touch Point

Be prepared for a return in conversation. Be ready with the answers, as if you were really in an elevator. What would your response be? Well, you need to understand first what you want to get out of the sales pitch. If it’s just an email address then you will know at what point in the sales funnel you are and will be able to set up an actionable point appropriately. Be sure to set one up!

Mastering the above points is critical to pitching to your clients’ customers through your content. Remember that in this world of social media and easy access to information as well as a more ferocious competition out there, you need to be ready with a quick and easy remedy or recipe to manage your clients’ sales requirements effectively.

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