Updates In Social Media Metrics And Why You As An Agency Need To Take Note

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Back then, metrics were based on vanity. Now, social media metrics are changing. With an ever-evolving world of social media, and to get authentically beneficial results from your agency’s social media efforts and your clients, your digital marketing agency should be taking note of social media metrics updates and should get to know which metrics you should be tracking for your clients.

Updated Metrics You Need To Track

Move over outdated metrics. The following are the metrics that now need to be tracked: reach metrics, engagement metrics, conversion metrics, and customer metrics. Within these broader categories, the following needs to be tracked: brand awareness, post reach, audience growth rate, virality rate, applause rate, social share of voice, average engagement rate, bounce rate, click-through rate, cost-per-click, social media conversion rate, net promoter score, customer satisfaction score, cost per 1000 impressions, among others. 

Tracking these is imperative to your clients’ social media strategies. Unfortunately, should you not track these, your clients’ brands will not shower improved performance and the great results they expect from your digital marketing agency!

Why Your Digital Marketing Agency Needs To Track The Metrics That Matter

The metrics above, including other notable metric updates, will, as influencermarketinghub rightfully states, “Help you understand how your social media marketing campaigns are performing so you can create even better, more refined campaigns in the future… Over time, we recommend that you start tracking all of these social media metrics to give your brand the best chance to create brilliant social media marketing campaigns that excite your audience and help you increase engagement, leads, and sales.” 

Tribegroup.co also states what we believe. “As marketers, we’re well aware that marketing is a long-term investment; but in order to see results, your strategy needs constant tweaking and updating, especially when it comes to digital.”

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