Three Marketing Tips For Builders

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Construction companies, regardless of their size, is an essential service that involves legal proceedings, getting paperwork completed, managing a large number of subordinates and buying raw materials at varying costs as well as getting projects set-up. With all this work, many builders have very little time to plan marketing strategies for their businesses. Although the industry has several business natures, the building business also needs planned and executed marketing strategies in order to thrive.

Here are our three marketing strategies for builders to expand their building business.

#1: Take Your Business Online

It is clear that construction companies operate offline and that your services are provided online, ever! However, bringing your business online, seeing that consumers spend most of their time online is key to your success. Potential customers are currently looking for your services, so if you’re not on social-sites, or advertising online, you’re losing a huge portion of potential business.

Before you go deep into things, having a professional builder’s website design will help your online marketing efforts. First and foremost, you need to hire an expert web-developer to build your company website. A web design company will be able to provide you with a website layout that has all the elements of a functional site so that whenever someone visits your online business, they can have higher chances of converting into quality customers.

Look at it this way, if your office, whether online or offline, is not of an appealing nature, people are less likely to be attracted to it. How your website is perceived will influence the buying process of visitors. Make sure that your website has full details about your services, and details of your offline company. Additionally, your web designer will also include a contact form for prospective customers to get in touch with their queries.

#2: Leverage on Social Media Marketing

One of the successful traditional marketing efforts that is still being used today is putting up billboards. These signboards are a way of attracting people towards your business. Social media works in the same way, the only difference is that it directs people to your website.

As you know, social media has numerous functions and people use it differently. Your role will be to determine whether you want to use social media platforms to drive people to your business via your website or via another method. However, make sure that you limit your social media platforms so that you can actively keep updating your followers.

A good example of using social media is through Facebook promotional ad service to drive traffic from potential customers to your website and by extension to your business. It’s also crucial to have social media expert to help and guide you to using your chosen platforms effectively. A great social media practise is writing compelling content that will push the viewer into clicking the link to your website. It’s not enough to post images of buildings you’ve worked on or pictures of builders, you need to share content of current projects. By including aspects of your business shows transparency and builds trust with consumers.

#3: Use Search Engine Optimization

If you’re a start-up construction company, you might not have the budget to spend on Google and Facebook ads, so is there another method? Is there another way that you can get the benefits of online advertising without paying for it? Well, there is! With the help of a professional digital marketing company, you can create unique, relevant and impressive content to spark search engines’ interest as well as visitors to your website. Obviously, you’ll have to have an understanding of your audiences and their preferences. Using tools like the Keyword Planner you can get insights into the specific keywords that work for your industry and which users are more likely to search for. With this information, you can now start creating engaging content around those keywords that speak to your customers. There are rules that you need to follow so that you don’t get penalised by search engines and for that reason, make sure you have guided help for the experts

Are you looking for marketing services for builders? Do you feel your business has the potential to grow but you don’t have the expertise to get it there? Fear not, we’re here for you. Get in touch with Tradie Web Guys where your business is our priority!


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