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These days, if you and your clients are not sufficiently representing yourselves on social media, then you are not really at the party! But it’s a lot easier said than done. These are all the common problems we hear from Australian agencies as to why they lack a decent Social Media Management offering. The good news is, with Digital Resellers Australia, we can help you solve them all.

Digital Resellers Australia employs a highly skilled team of talented copywriters, graphic designers and social media marketers all standing by to provide you with a premium social media marketing service. And since everything is white label and unbranded, your agency can sell these services onto your current and new clients as your own service offering. Join our White Label Social Media Reseller Program now, outsource Social Media to experts, start you growth journey.


Wholesale Social Media Services

Strategy Development

We work closely with you to develop a content strategy and strategic road map with the simple objective of delivering on the agreed upon goals and attaining a sustainable competitive advantage using social media.

Content Creation

Content creation for social media depends on the platform, objective and audience. Our team of copywriters and designers is skilled and experienced and you are getting your message and heard on all platforms.


Nothing, absolutely nothing, gets posted on your or your client’s social media accounts without a comprehensive back-and-forth between our team and your team. This ensures that all messages are aligned with brand identity and campaign strategy.

Multi Channel Integration

A solid social media marketing campaign should be a key pillar to any marketing strategy. And just as important is ensuring that the message is integrated and shared across a number of social media platforms and channels.

Outsource Social Media Management & Marketing









why white label social media?

Our social media management product comprehensively takes care of all elements of your or your client’s social media campaigns. We’ll make strategies with your team, we’ll create the content and we’ll implement the campaign and schedule the posts. We are expert in all social media platforms including: Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.
Our social media mangement team starts working with you at the “strategy” stage and sees each campaign through to implementation and beyond. Along the way, there is a robust communication procedure that ensures that any social media content we create and implement is in line with your client’s brand and expectations of our service. We never post without your input. After all, who knows you and your client’s brand better than you do?

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Another key component of our social media management product is our measurement, refinement and communication policies.We have a number of processes and documents within our campaigns that will keep the agency looped into every element of the social media campaign. We track and measure everything we do for you and your clients, refining our understanding of the core message of the brand as we go along. We then provide feedback regularly or upon request to let you know where we are with each campaign. All this feedback is white label, so you are able to forward it onto your clients, impressing them with the work you have done to bolster their brand image online.


We’re Digital Resellers, a white label wholesaler that specialises in Facebook Marketing and Management for companies. For years, we’ve been assisting businesses worldwide with digital marketing, advertising, and website design. Our team consists of conversion rate optimisation professionals who can help you enhance your ROI by developing and growingefficiently. Manage your clients’ accounts on autopilot so that you can concentrate on strategy and creatives rather than boring media buying activities. We can also assist you in expanding your digital marketing services to clients by delivering A-Grade Facebook PPC Management, which requires no in-house knowledge. In addition, you can directly provide clients digital resolutions across Facebook by working with Digital Resellers. Our Facebook Marketing and Management experts will assist your clients in gaining the most reach, visibility, and traction for their business.
When it comes to keeping in touch with friends and family, more individuals use Facebook than email. Since social media impacts how businesses communicate with potential customers, your clients must be involved for their online brand to be a part of this beneficial connection. We work as a back end delivery team with your agency, same as if you had your own internal staff. As a result, we have a procedure that all potential partners must fulfil before working together.
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