As white label digital marketing service providers, one of our most popular services as requested by agencies is our Pay Per Click Reseller program. Agencies use this tool to help their clients achieve certain online results. If you’ve never delved into this form of digital marketing before – or even if you have, it’s always worth refreshing your knowledge – a great place to start is by beginning to understand why and when you should use Pay Per Click advertising for your clients.

In our experience, too many digital agencies see PPC as just another digital marketing effort to undertake in an effort to impress their clients. But as with those other marketing services, real thought and strategy needs to be employed into the use of PPC, otherwise you just run the risk of wasting your client’s budget and possibly losing them as well.

What is Pay Per Click advertising?

Pay Per Click advertising is basically paid search engine advertising. This most commonly appears on Google search result pages (using Google AdWords) or even social media platforms such as Facebook. A core quality of this form of advertising is that one usually sets a budget, and every time a person clicks on the ad an amount is charged.

When should I be offering this to my clients?

  • To impress them – PPC advertising tends to produce immediate results. When you have recently brought a new or important client on board, offering this to them can help you instantly win over their trust with immediate results, while your longer term digital marketing services like SEO and social media management get underway. Be cautious however as your strategy here should NOT be to just get them website hits and boast to them in your status meeting how good you are. Every PPC campaign should have a definite goal behind it. Traffic should be ushered towards a Landing Page where lead bait is offered in return for contact details…contact details that go into a database for email marketing. Now that is impressive.
  • To promote a sale – If a client needs to shift old stock or wants to increase revenue in a hurry, PPC is one of the right tools for the job. It works wonders for drumming up revenue and leads during holidays and other special days on the calendar like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day as a PPC campaign can be run for a very short time with a very specific budget.
  • When they don’t know who their audience is – It’s common for new businesses to not have a detailed picture of who their typical client is and conducting market research is expensive and impractical for a small business. When run correctly, monitored and tracked and reported on using tools like Google Analytics, PPC advertising is incredibly valuable and provides a wealth of measurable data about who’s clicking on an ad, buying a product and what’s enticing them to buy it (which colors, words, images or offers for example).
  • It’s controllable – Most PPC campaigns involve bidding on certain keywords, which have certain costs. This is very helpful especially for the strategically-minded digital marketer as it means you can budget and manage a campaign down to the last cent and control almost every aspect of where the campaign is going, who it is targeting and what it is accomplishing.

While Pay Per Click advertising is quick and easy, it does require time and knowledge to execute and monitor. Not to worry though, as you can always offer it to clients using the Digital Resellers Australia white label PPC management service.