As a result of unwavering dedication and stellar work from our team, Globital can now announce that we are registered as ISO 9001 certified.

As a company that is built around the idea of providing agencies with supportive services and helping them achieve success, it is important to us for our systems to be able to carry out our purpose seamlessly. It has taken years to refine, but the Globital standard is now certifiably world-class, as acquiring the ISO 9001 certification shows. It speaks to our continuous efforts towards pushing the quality of our services and products forward.

We decided to register for this prestigious certification as part of our commitment to providing only the best to our clients. As an international company, we must meet international standards in how we operate and what we deliver. The rigorous process presented an opportunity for Globital to put our standards to the test – and we passed.

What Globital’s Our ISO 9001 Certification Means For You, The Client

Our main focus as a company is to provide reliable digital marketing support for agencies around the globe. However, we can only do this well if we rise to the occasion where accountability is concerned. Registering for an ISO 9001 certificate is our way of giving clients confidence in our ability to deliver products, services, and consistent results that are above par. The benefits for our clients include:

  • An endorsement from an internationally recognised quality assurance organisation, placing our offerings on a global standard of delivery.
  • Cutting edge white label digital marketing solutions, with products and services developed within the framework of ISO 9001 requirements.
  • Reliability in terms of the standard and quality of what we offer, meaning we meet and exceed expectations every time.

According to Globital’s Managing Director, Damian Papworth”

“Achieving ISO 9001 accreditation is one of the most important and critical pieces of the puzzle that Globital is building to improve the digital marketing industry, worldwide”

He adds:

“I am extremely proud of the work that my team has put in to achieve this fantastic accolade, which proves their commitment to our company’s core culture and also their obsession with only delivering quality products and services to our agencies.”

Globital’s Road To ISO 9001 Certification

After initiating the process, a comprehensive audit is conducted throughout the various levels of the company. ISO focuses on management systems, critique and praise of these systems, as well as clearance of compliance requirements. It felt like placing a magnifying glass on potential flaws, but the end result has been worth it. We feel affirmed that our hard work is acknowledged by our clients and international industry at large.

Successfully registering for ISO 9001 certification is only the beginning. Team Globital is on a journey towards bettering our own best – and we’re unstoppable.